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The Black Students Alliance of Smith College Presents...

Our Purpose


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Smith College Black Students Alliance is to promote cultural, social and political awareness throughout the Smith College community. To establish strong inter-collegiate bonds between all the Black organizations within the 5-college area, and to develop educational programs that promotes awareness to the greater community.


As one of the oldest established cultural group on Smith College's campus, the Black Students’ Alliance (BSA) represents all Smith students who identify as Black regardless of socio-economic class, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or political affiliation. BSA aims to reach out to an expansive spectrum of students on campus, within the 5-college areas as well as within the local community.



  1. To build community amongst people of African decent.
  2. To establish a well rounded organization that is inclusive to students of African decent.
  3. To establish a stronger connection with the Northampton and local communities for the members to act as role models to future College Students.